Do you want to know how to make your dick bigger naturally? Most men would never admit that they are unsatisfied with their penis. There may be many reasons as to why this is. It could be the length, girth or even the lack of a powerful erection that has them looking for ways and methods on how to enlarge penis size. There are many ways of enlarging penis size, they range from good old exercises to even surgery. Surgery of the penis also known as ‘Phalloplasty’ is not for the faint of heart and is not cheap either, so this might send you looking for more natural and cost efficient ways.

how to make your dick bigger

A lot of men are still wondering how to enlarge penis. Some people spend so much time and money taking supplements and other drugs that lead to added side effects and complications. The best way to improve the size is to follow natural techniques and guidelines. The penis is just like any other body part and will respond to natural approaches without the risk of pain, disease and other problems.

Here are some proven techniques:

Standard jelqing  – It is an ancient method of penis enlargement exercise, and it has been passed through the taste of time. Most guys have encountered change from using it. Just use one of your convenient hands with an “ok” sign position to hold the base of your penis tightly in ease motility. The major thing necessary at this instance is to increase the blood flowing to your corposa cavernosa, thereby helping to split and transform your tissue composition to be larger and improved more than the way it was prior to your starting of the exercise. It has been utilized for many years now as back as the time of the pharaohs of Egypt. And till today it is still used as a natural way to enlarge the penis size.

Hot Towel Wrap – This type of wrap is carried out on both the instance means before and after the stretch and jelqs is supported and also to gain momentum for the increase in the size. This method can be practiced on its own and there can be an immediate rise in the size of the penis. It will be a good trick to enlarge the penis at home. This is just a temporary arrangement and has no relation with the actual exercises. To carry out this exercise you have to take simply a hot towel and it should be wrapped around the penis for sometime. This is generally used on an immediate basis at home. Due to this wrapping the blood flow increases and there is a hold up in the creation of natural large size.

Have More Sex – A lot of experts agree that sexual activity can help you how to enlarge penis. Just like any body part, the penis will also develop and mature if it is exercised regularly. Ejaculation, erection and blood circulation to the area will all lead to growth, as well as fat burn to show its optimal size. Couples are encouraged to explore more of their sex life by trying new positions and techniques. Some techniques are actually beneficial to maintain the size and length of healthy penises, such as the woman on top position and the missionary position.

Kegel exercise – Though this exercise is meant for delaying ejaculation, it helps in the overall well being of the penis by tightening the pelvic muscles. This exercise is simple. You just need to hold your urine when you feel like passing it out. Hold it for a few minutes in the beginning and increase the duration when you get the hang of it.This exercise is very convenient for you to practice. You can do it at anytime and place you prefer.

Greater self-confidence can lead to more success in the office or in romantic pursuits as people are drawn to self-confident and assured men. It’s a proven fact that the more self-confident a man is, the more likely he is to have a successful career, enjoy financial success, and have a wide range of potential mates to choose from. Less confident men tend to have less luck in the career world and are limited to few potential mates. By increasing your penis size and improving your self-confidence, you can increase your security in your manhood and as a result, improve your life and prospects dramatically.

how to make your dick bigger naturally

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